Special Restocks - Floral Animals, Special Pieces, and More!

Aloha! It's been over two years since I've had a formal release of my signature animal charms. If you've been following my small business journey, you'd know I started off using Etsy but slowly transitioned into my own online platform. I'm starting off small to see how this goes, so I thank you for your patience with if things are confusing or not explained well. I'll do my best to update my process to make things better for everyone. :)

Depending on how this first run goes, I'll be releasing a small amount of these special pieces once a month or so. So this will be the go-to page for it all, hopefully.

This first restock includes some of my favorite colors: pink, black, and white. There are a few pink sakura (cherry blossom) bunnies and kitties, and black kitties with pink roses. Each flower is sculpted and rolled individually by yours truly. :)