Ways to Decorate and Use Clay Charms

Ways to Decorate and Use Clay Charms

One of the most common questions I'll get while at a craft show or showing off my charms is, "What do you do with them?" The first few times I heard this question I thought, "That's a silly question!" but is it really? Let's talk about it (no it's not a silly question)! 🙂

Hi, my name is Charity! For those of you who are new here, I'm a clay artist and small business owner. You can read more about my background here, but long story short I love polymer clay and creating all sorts of things with it. In this blog, let's look into some ways to decorate and use clay charms!

What is a charm?

According to the dictionary, a charm is defined as, "A trinket to be worn on a bracelet, necklace, etc." and "Something worn or carried on one's person for its supposed magical effect." (dictionary.com)

Now, I don't enchant my charms or claim that any magical properties radiate from them. When a client asks for a personalized charm, that's usually where the significant value or importance comes from! ♥️ But I will say that clay charms are, without a doubt, cute and simple trinkets you can wear on yourself and your items!

How to wear clay charms 

You can effortlessly turn clay charms into fun, statement earrings or a cute necklace. Each charm has a tiny, metal loop fixated at the top where you can add a jump ring. Jump rings are small, circular-shaped rings with the two ends meeting together. The ends aren't soldered together, meaning that this ring can be opened and closed. Jump rings are frequently used in jewelry making. There is a proper way to open and close jump rings, and this YouTube tutorial made by JewelryTutorialHQ perfectly explains how to do it!

From the jump ring, you can attach the charm to a pair of earring wires, a necklace chain, or even a bracelet!


How to use and hang clay charms on your phone

Not the biggest jewelry fan? No problem! It's easy to hang charms onto your phone, too!

Each charm on our website comes with a complimentary phone strap, which you use to hang the charm onto your phone case! 95% of the time there's an opening or hole on your case, usually on the bottom around the speakers or the sides for buttons. You'll want to follow these steps to secure the phone charm:

  1. Pull the phone strap through the opening on your phone case
  2. When the strap is through, open the loop with your fingers and grab the charm to take it through the loop
  3. Gently pull the charm all the way through to secure it in place
All done! How simple was that? You just created a cow hitch knot, which is a temporary knot! This knot can be loosened up at any time should you need to remove or change out your charm.

    How to use and hang clay charms on your other everyday items

    Using the steps previously mentioned, it's just as easy to hang charms onto your other everyday personal items!

    Add a bit of cuteness and personality to your backpack, pencil case, or makeup bag! Most of the time, there's a zipper or other metal fixture from where you can hang the charm. They are small enough to use as stitch markers for knitting and crocheting projects. 

    For those who are big into planning and decorating your planners, you can display clay charms on the spine or with paper clips.

    The options are endless when it comes to decorating your personal items with charms! I have two USBs that I use frequently, but they're both black and it's hard to tell them apart. So I put two different colored charms on them and now which one to grab.

    Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this blog, please consider sharing or leaving a comment if you have more ideas of where you use your charms! ♥️

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