New Beginnings Pt. 2

Texas Life

Aloha friends!.. Or should I say howdy? 🤠 It’s been 6 months now since I moved to Texas and thought now is a good time to do a little follow-up blog! The married life has been peaceful and relaxing, I truly am lucky and thankful to have an amazing man in my life. The two years we’ve spent apart with tons of hours traveling in-between has always been worth it. ❤️

This Texas summer is no joke though. When outside, it feels like a blanket of warm air is hugging you and you’re drenched in sweat after 10 minutes. I definitely miss the cool Hawaii breezes throughout the day and the gorgeous sunsets every evening. 🌄 I would instantly drop whatever I was doing to run out the front door and look at the marvelous sky outside.

Although I think back at home often, it’s nice to say that we’re all settled down! Cody and I put together my new desk which is height adjustable and I got my first desktop computer, too! It’s crazy to think I ran my whole business from an old college laptop for years. Gone are the days of it randomly crashing on me while I simultaneously worked on 5 different projects.

When I lived in Hawaii, my small bedroom also functioned as my workspace. Many people don’t know this, but I had TWO desks in my bedroom. Craft supplies, market necessities, and packaging goods would take over every inch of my room. Now, my sleep and work space are separated which has been better for my mental sanity. 😅

New Updates and Projects

Towards the end of my January blog, I spoke about future ideas in mind. I’m excited to share that they’ve come to life and we’ve made local pickups possible for Oahu residents! Since we have local supporters back home on Oahu, I really wanted to have an option available to them if they’d like to save a little bit on shipping costs. Click HERE to read more about how it all works. I’m open to feedback and tweaking things if that means improving, so please let me know your thoughts if you have any!

On Oahu, we still have our lockers at Ben Franklin Crafts Pearl City (locker #38) and Mapunapuna (locker #58) if you’d like to shop charmies in person! Occasionally, I mail new charms to my mom who restocks both of the lockers for me (thank you mom!). 🥳

Charm of the Month Club!

The last announcement I’d like to touch base on is my new Charm of the Month Club! Setting this up was a little overwhelming since it’s a new concept, but I’m excited for this adventure and all that’s to come along with it. 🥰 Every month will have a new theme and which comes with 2 charms: one main, statement charm and a smaller, complimentary charm to match. You can choose a one time purchase, or subscribe n' save up to 20% and get sweet perks! :) For October and Christmas you can expect Halloween and Christmas themed charmies. For special occasions like holidays or Oahu Charms’ anniversary, I’ll be including little extra goodies for subscribers at no extra charge. This is just a little way for me to express my thanks and gratitude for my lovely patrons.
Now the question was, how should I start this project off? The easiest answer was to pick my favorite animal which is the unicorn! 🦄
Our unicorn charms are popular and one of my favorite designs; the pastel colors and gold glitter make them magical to look at! I’ve only made them in the full body style though, and never attempted to create just a cute, little face. Full body designs are great because there’s detail from all sides, but with the face you’re really only looking at it from one angle. That means more emphasis on the facial details to capture a cute expression.
Incorporating all the rainbow colors and glitter made this month’s charm fun to design. She has glitter freckles to compliment her eyelashes and blush. A white, iridescent glitter has been added inside her ears and on her rainbow mane for more dimension and sparkle. The mini rainbow poop I’ve included as the complimentary charm has gold glitter on it, which matches the unicorn’s horn and freckles. I hope she brings a smile to your face! 💞
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That’s all I’ll say for now friends, until the next blog!
With love, Charity


  • A charm of the month club sounds like fun, & I look forward to hearing more about it! My granddaughters & I have really enjoyed our charms that you made. 🦄

    Debbie Teibel
  • Big Mahalo for your awesome designs/creations. And many blessings to all your new beginnings.

    Jennifer Savoy

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